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      Products and applications

      // Industrial silicon //

      The silicon (Si) period is a type IV element (carbon group), which is a non-metallic element, with an atomic number of 14, an atomic weight of 28.80, a density of 2.33 g/m3, a melting point of 1410 ° C, a boiling point of 2355 ° C, and a resistivity of 2140 Ω.m. There are two allotropes of amorphous and crystalline.

      Industrial silicon, also known as metal silicon and crystalline silicon, is silver-gray crystal, hard and brittle, and is made by melting quartzite and other materials containing 98.5% or more of SiO2. Industrial silicon is widely used as a basic industrial raw material. It is mainly used in the production of organic silicon and polycrystalline silicon. It has a wide range of applications in aerospace, aviation, electronics, organic chemicals, smelting, thermal insulation refractories and other industries and fields.

      The classification of Industrial silicon is usually classified according to the contents of the three main impurities of iron, aluminum and calcium contained in the Industrial silicon. According to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in Industrial silicon, Industrial silicon can be divided into different grades such as 553, 441, 411, 421, 3303, 3305, 2202, 2502, 1501 and 1101.

      National standard of Industrial silicon

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